Transponders / Electronic Sow Feeding

Why choose electronic sow feeding?

To put it simply it is because you with Agrisys ESF get a completely production safe system for your group-housed sows, maintain the full overview and simultaneously save both feed and time.
And not least – you’ll have the best production results.

Not only because the price of the feed has a huge impact on your profit but also because the amount of weaners is directly correlated to the body condition of the sows and gilts.

With an ESF solution from Agrisys A/S your sows are secured a good, well tested, safe and individual handling.
Let us find the right solution for you too...

No matter if you are building a new stable or if you are changing existing buildings we can make the ideal solution.
Agrisys A/S has many years of experience in making layouts and designs for optimal ESF solutions in both new and existing buildings.

Example from 1800 sow farm with AirSys
Example from 1800 sow farm with AirSys
Agrisys has a close collaboration with manufacturers, advisors and scientists to give you the best results