AirSys Welfare

Automated allocation of bedding and rooting material

With increasing focus on welfare solutions and documentation requirements, an AirSys bedding and straw system is the safe choice for the future.
Manual allocation of bedding to the animals is both a physical and time-consuming task, which means that it can be a challenge to ensure the animals permanent access to fresh rooting material.

With an AirSys Welfare system, bedding is automatically allocated to the desired number of pens around the clock.
It is highly beneficiary to spread rooting material often because it activates the animals and thereby decreases potential tail biting and fights.
The pigs have access to fresh and interesting rooting material frequent and in smaller portions, adjusted
automatically to the animals’ growth using a curve – without any extra work for the farmer.

AirSys Welfare with individual allocation of bedding
AirSys Welfare with individual allocation of bedding

The amount of bedding material and how often can easily be adapted to the individual outlets, considering which animal groups are to be allocated bedding.

Economically it is also an advantage to spread smaller portions often, since less of the material will end up in the manure and be wasted.

An AirSys bedding system can handle different types of bedding, such as straw and shavings.
The system is delivered as standard with a dosing container for manual filling.
If desired, the system can be expanded with a straw table with shredder and straw choppers, so that straw bales can be used automatically.

Where capacity allows, the AirSys feed system and the AirSys Welfare system can also be combined, so that feed and bedding are handled in the same pipe string.

See this little reportage from a 1300 sow farm in Denmark, where the AirSys Welfare system have been giving straw every day since 2016 in both gestation and weaner stables.
100% automated bedding straw system - good for animal welfare, efficiency and economy.

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