Feed Dispensers

All of our feed dispensers are done in a great finish without any sharp edges and in black PE plastic and the rest of the construction in stainless steel. That makes them durable, strong and easy to clean.
It is easy to accurately adjust the doses on the dispensers.
The dispensers come in a large variety with different number of eating places and in single or double sided versions.
On this page you will find a small selection of our program – contact us for further information.

Feed dispensers with water included for 7-125 kg animals. Optimal ad libitum feeding for the 7-125 kg pigs – the pig activates the dosing nozzle to get the feed dosed into the stainless steel trough where it is mixed with water. This way there is no contact between between feed and waterdosing.

Feed dispensers without water for 7-125 kg animals.
Dry feed dispenser for feeding animals between 7-125 kg with a simple adjustment of the opening. The dispenser can be delivered either with or without main separation. And you can choose between troughs in plastic or stainless steel and in a unique version with a drinker in every other eating spot.

Dispenser with water integrated for sows.
Mixed feed and water provides the best feed intake for sows which activates the dosing nozzle in the trough for dosing of feed and water.
The sturdy construction of the dispenser and the stainless steel trough ensures safe and simple feeding of sows - typically in relief pens or introduction pens.

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