Help to growth

Upgrade the feeding of piglets in the farrowing pen to the next level with a
PorciSys mini liquid feeding system. As a unique feature PorciSys also works as
a portioning system, feeding individually at pen level.

PorciSys handles the feeding of the piglets smoothly – from milk powder in the first weeks, followed by Prestarter,
to the introduction to the starter mixture used in the weaning sections.

With the PorciSys system, the piglets receive a supplement to the sow’s milk, and gradually transitioning to Prestarter and starting mixture, stimulates the development of the pigs’ digestive system and the optimal transition to the weaning section is facilitated.

On a signal from the trough sensor, the individual portions are mixed and sent to the valve in question, which gives the piglets access to freshly mixed feed, stimulating appetite and growth.
Freshly mixed feed also equates the highest possible feed quality.

After each feeding, a portion of water is sent into the feed pipe to remove feed residues – good for both hygiene and feed economy.
PorciSys can handle up to 3 different types of feed as well as micro dosing of dry and liquid components.

Still have doubts if a milk system or a mini liquid feeding system is right for your farrowing or weaner house?

Then watch this movie about PorciSys from Agrisys - the patented, fully automatic and self-cleaning system where the liquid feed or milk is transported by air.
PorciSys has no residual feed/milk, since only individual portions are blown (using air pressure) to the troughs.
It is Multiphase in portions with the highest hygiene level; min. servings 150ml and max. 1500ml.

Agrisys has a close collaboration with manufacturers, advisors and scientists to give you the best results