The future is now...

We based our ConSys platform and controllers on the last 12 years of experience and added over 100 years of combined team experience.
Then we mixed in features of all the new technology and IoT and sprinkled it with all the "nice to have" add-ons.

We proudly present the future in our accessible platform - ConSys.

Already up and running many places around the world so you're not buying wishful thinking but a well-tested system, based on the technology of tomorrow.

 “If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It”
and to measure it, it requires the harvesting and processing of the data generated in the production.

By using the ConSys platform as a controller, production data in real time is collected, and it provides
the tools to keep track of the livestock.
Our platform allows you to proactively handle your management with up-to-date information from your
production and respond immediately if needed.
You can also use historical data as reference points to optimise future results.
In short, it allows you to discover potential for optimisation and with even small changes achieve better results and savings.

Always keep the connection and overview of your production units
Log in from your mobile device or computer and get a quick overview and operating status of your systems
regardless of location.
With the ConSys platform, you don’t need an additional program to manage your system.
You can always access your ConSys system directly from any device with an Internet connection.

Why separate things that are connected?

In a modern production facility, there is no room to ignore all the factors that affect your results.

With ConSys, we collect and analyse data across, e.g., feed, growth, temperature, water consumption and more.

Connecting this knowledge and using it to improve the production, is not only beneficial to the bottom line – it is also the sustainable choice in regard to animal welfare and the environment.

Agrisys has a close collaboration with manufacturers, advisors and scientists to give you the best results