Instead of using a traditional chain, the feed is transported in the system by air pressure, which has several advantages such as hygiene, precision, and dry / wet feeding in the same solution.
Key values in an AirSys system are individual allocation and assurance of homogeneous feeding without loss of quality.

AirSys with individual feed portions for each feeder
AirSys with individual feed portions for each feeder

Being a portioning system, where individual portions are sent to the feeding places, AirSys makes
it possible to handle several groups, e.g., sows and piglets on the same system.
The installation is simple and can be adapted to both new and existing buildings.

In an AirSys system, feed mixtures are dosed directly into the pipe string and already in the basic version there is a MultiPhase function, where a gradual feed shift can be made between the different feed mixtures.

AirSys with individual feed portions and water added directly at the pen
AirSys with individual feed portions and water added directly at the pen

AirSys is a batch system and excels e.g., by being able to allocate both dry and wet feed on the same piping.
In places where it is desired to feed wet feed, the
water is added only in the drop pipe over the trough, so that the feed passes through a “curtain” of
fresh water.
This means that all feed delivery in the pipe strings is with clean and dry feed.
That results in a high level of hygiene and a
consequent uniform feed quality without loss of
feed value.

An AirSys feeding system can be adapted to be the perfect solution for any production.


With an AirSys+ system, we take the step further in terms of possibilities and functions.
In relation to the AirSys system, we are adding a mixer and a feeding unit, both with load cells.
It allows you to mix the feed exactly right, down to component level – grained raw materials, minerals,
micro components, etc.
Even components with a high humidity percentage of up to 40%, such as crimped maize can be handled.

AirSys+ with precision mix
AirSys+ with precision mix

An AirSys+ system is also relevant for feeding ready-mixed feed when high precision is required.
This way the system provides overview of the exact quantity of feed delivered to each indvidual
feeding place.
And off course there is the possibility of gradual feed transition, controlled via feed curves.

AirSys+ is also a shortcut to advanced feeding and
testing of different feed mixtures.
In principle, it is a system with an almost unlimited number of options in terms of handling different types of feed, different components, and different animal groups.

AirSys+ with precision mix and water added direcly at the pen
AirSys+ with precision mix and water added direcly at the pen

With the allocation of individual portions and the possibility of feeding with different feed mixtures, it provides a unique opportunity for adapted
feeding in all pig sections.
Changes can be made quickly and easily at pen level in e.g., piglet and finisher sections.

The system is also optimal if more mixtures are desired for the sows in the gestation and farrowing units.
An AirSys+ can also be used as the heart of a feed kitchen with transport of ready mixes to buffer silos.

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