Agrisys - the story

Agrisys started in Herning, Denmark in January 2009 when Denmark and the rest of the world was in the beginning of the financial crisis which also impacted severely on the agricultural sector.

And almost like a textbook example of entrepreneurship Mikael Kirk started what he called Agrisys from his home address with the stock in his garage. Later on the company moved to a separate leased location.
In 2015 Agrisys had outgrown it and now it was time for something new. Agrisys moved to a 1500 m2 property in the western industrial area of Herning, only 2 km from MCH MesseCenter Herning where Agromek agricultural fair is held every other year.

Through the first couple of year of Agrisys the agricultural business was severely affected by the financial crisis but in spite of this, Agrisys has succeeded in creating a solid and increasing place in the market because of our strategy of focused individual feeding solutions.

A core value in our strategy is our skilled employees – this means that we can offer specialised application knowledge and therefore can supply our customers with individually adapted solutions and state of the art product technology.
Besides that we take pride in being a trustworthy partner.

Our foundation is also, besides good customer relations, that we have what we believe is the best and most innovative product program and a full line of quality products.

Agrisys is a committed supplier that works closely with manufacturers, advisors and scientists to bring knowledge and development to a higher level so that you can get top results. We aim to live up to our mission:

We increase your efficiency and the welfare of the animals.

Agrisys has a close collaboration with manufacturers, advisors and scientists to give you the best results