ChainSys 60mm (2.36") and 100mm (3.94")

Classic conveyor system for different types of feeders in 60mm (2.36”) and 100mm (3.94”)
Classic conveyor system for different types of feeders in 60mm (2.36”) and 100mm (3.94”)

Sometimes you can’t beat the value of tradition and it doesn’t get more traditional than a conveyor system to transport the feed.
If you need a simple and strong feed system with well-thought-out details,
ChainSys is the obvious choice.

A ChainSys solution has many applications, ranging from filling dispensers and feeders to transport from A to B – e.g., between two or more silos.

If there is a need for automatic opening of e.g., volume dispensers, this feature can easily be added.

Adding another string to the bow

A ChainSys solution with multi-stringed systems for
farrowing pens, piglets or finishers is also one of the options.

For example, 2 or 3 pipe strings, each with its own feed mixture with manual handling of feed changes, is a simple solution if there is no desire or need for automation.

A 60mm (2.36") system has a capacity of up to 1.2T (1.32tn)/hour.
The 100mm (3.94") has a capacity of up to 5T (5.5tn)/hour.

Common for all system types are the well-thought-out details and a value-creating focus on operational reliability, feed quality, energy consumption and user-friendliness – all are parameters that contribute to a ChainSys solution having low operating costs throughout the system’s lifetime.

ChainSys+ 160mm (6.3")

With a transport capacity that can match most needs, our 100 mm system is very versatile, and we use it in several of our solutions.

For example, it can be used as input into silos in feed barns or as an integral part of a mill system.
Common to these solutions is a simple installation with few motors and a flexible piping.

A 160mm (6.3") system has a capacity of up to 20T (22tn)/hour.

Bio security

If large quantities are to be moved over long distances, both the 100 mm system and the 160 mm system are safe choices.
With a growing focus on biosafety and external infection protection, the investment in an internal silo transport system makes sense.
An externally located silo battery at a safe distance from production buildings, prevents the feed trucks from coming close. At the same time the hygiene of the internal silos is increased, as any potential feed waste is limited to the area at the external silo system.
The transport of feed to internal silos at the houses is done automatically by a 100 mm system or a 160 mm system.

The ChainSys solution is also part of our BatchSys solution portfolio.
With BatchSys, we add smart and intelligent features with the possibilities it entails.
Explore our BatchSys solutions on the BatchSys page.

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