Your whistleblower in the pen

No one has the ability to monitor their animals 24/7.
AutoPig® ensures that you have access to data that constantly and in real time informs about activity, feed intake, water consumption, temperature, etc.
Thus, with very few interventions, you can optimise your production and the welfare of the pigs. And on some mixtures even halve the cost of feed.

AutoPig® makes sure to collect this data without disturbing the animals’ natural behavior and presents the data clearly via the app, so you can always be up front and e.g., change feed mixture at the optimal time.
That is good for the animals, for the environment and not least for the bottom line.

Example of pen layout with AutoPig
Example of pen layout with AutoPig

Better health

Patterns and changes in behavior provide valuable knowledge so that fluctuations in health and well-being are detected.
The analysed data are presented in the App and can be used to minimise a potential need for medication or zinc.

Early intervention can minimise both the workload and reduce costs.
And not least, it can improve animal welfare.

The benefits

AutoPig is the tool that monitors, manages, and generates animal data and transforms it into usable knowledge.

Basically, AutoPig provides the foundation for
making decisions based on facts instead of habit and gut feelings.

This provides a number of benefits for the animals, the producer, and the environment ...


We have placed the load cells and the rest of the electronic parts in the top module.

This means that the most critical parts are easily accessible and have the best protection possible.

The LED indicator constantly shows the current function status.

Solid and strong

The solid panels are made of robust plastic plates to ensure maximum stability and viability.

And all metal parts are of course made of stainless steel.

We have designed a product that can handle the real world.

Common sense

The design ensures easy cleaning, even under your AutoPig to achieve optimal hygiene.

The side panels are designed with sloping corners to maximise the light in the unit.

This means that even cautious or nervous pigs will pass through.

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