Freeda Sorting

Worth its weight in gold

Freeda Sorting for finishers provides more freedom and flexibility in the finisher production.

A solution with Freeda Sorting is aimed at both new and existing production facilities, where full utilisation of the area in the pen is achieved without compromising functionality and animal welfare.

Throughout the growing period the pigs are weighed
several times a day, as they pass the sorting weight
to gain access to the feeding areas.

The frequent weighings provide a good insight into
the pigs’ growth and based on that, they are sorted
into the area that provides a feed mix that matches
their current weight status.

When the weighing data from Freeda Sorting is combined with an Agrisys MultiPhase feeding solution, you have an automatic system with multiple options for gradual, individual feeding based on weight curves.

That is good for the pigs, the production economy and the environment.

Delivery forecast and stress-free delivery

The Freeda Sorting system is easily accessed from smartphone, tablet, or computer.
The user interface is structured so that it provides a fast and good overview of all Freeda Sorting units and you are constantly updated on daily growth and expected delivery forecast, i.e., the number of pigs ready for delivery based on the parameters entered in the system.

This provides simple and stress-free delivery for both animals and employees.

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