Freeda Pig Performance Testing

Is your production based on the highest performing pigs and the right feed?
Guessing and gut feelings belong in the past.
With the Freeda Pig Performance Testing it is easy to base your production on accurate facts for better results!

With the Freeda Pig Performance Testing (PPT) you get accurate insight into the performance of the individual animals.
With the help of electronic ear tags (EID), the animals that perform best can be found easily and precisely.

The system is incredibly simple to use; tag the pigs with the EID, put them in the pen and follow the results – the system does the rest by itself.
You decide for yourself whether you want to operate the system via a PC, smartphone or tablet.
And the collected data can be shared with relevant partners; such as customers, owners, vets, breeding organization or feed suppliers.

The automated registration prevents human errors when data is registered and the employees can instead concentrate on the animals. The automated, stress-free weighing of the pigs also means that they no longer have to be taken out and weighed regularly.

If you have breeding, propagation, replacement gilts or use core management, you can follow the results yourself with the Freeda PPT; simple and clear.
With Freeda PPT, you can also monitor the effect of feed mixtures yourself - whether it is from your own mixing plant or purchased feed.

Can you see the difference?

One of these gilts needs 1.80 kg of feed per kilogram of weight gain and the other eats 2.85 kg of feed per kilogram of weight gain...

With Freeda Pig Performance Testing you can see the difference in performance with a tap on your access unit!

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