Freeda Farrowing Feeding

Well begun is half done

Freeda Farrowing Feeding is an automatic dosing unit for dry feed for sows in the farrowing pen.
In Freeda Farrowing Feeding you get a powerful tool that contributes with several functions for dry feeding of the sows, and it allows you to take management and performance to a new level.
An individual feeding strategy for each sow is implemented at pen level and the principle of many small
portions, distributed frequently during the day help keep the sow in tip-top shape.

If you want even more insight into the sows’ eating behaviour, the Freeda Farrowing Feeding installation can easily be expanded with an Freeda Activation Sensor.

The activation sensor is a valuable element for monitoring the sow because it detects the sow’s eating behaviour and alerts you if the sow’s feed intake decreases.

The system can also be accessed online which gives
an overview directly from the farrowing section.

  • Feeding based on feed curves
  • Easy additional adjustment of feed curve + / –
  • Online access directly from smartphone
  • No limit to number of daily feedings
  • Spreading of the daily rations
  • The sow is activated several times daily = positive influence on water intake and piglet behaviour
  • Slowly dosing of the feed
  • Longer time eating stimulates blood circulation in the udder and milk production
  • Improved sow performance results in higher litter weight at weaning and more weaned piglets

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