Cow Feeding Stations

The cow feeding station doesn’t only spare you from extra work and feed costs but it also ensures a solid overview over your herd.

The user-friendly software platform of the station ensures in a simple way that each animal is fed safely, comfortably and calmly.
Feeding runs after easily constructed feed curves that manage and dose feed on the basis of where the animal is in its cycle and distribute the feed throughout the day according to your strategy.

The Agrisys Velos platform controls the stations in a secure manner and because of the unique qualities it supersedes the market.

It comes as a default

- Without back entry gate
- With a stainless steel trough in a sturdy frame
- Opt to feed after ear-, neck- og leg responders after your preference
- With one dosing auger

And further options for upgrading are

- Up to 4 mixes per station, extendable to 6
- Pneumatic back entry gates

Agrisys has a close collaboration with manufacturers, advisors and scientists to give you the best results