Weight Sorting

Individual management of your pigs done simple, efficient and accurate in large herds. With the Agrisys Sorting you will get precise delivery forecasts and sorting to the right feed mix automatically.
Time consuming weighing routines and deduction in the selling price are no longer a problem with Agrisys Weight Sorting which as a default is without individual electronic ID. But it can be integrated in the system from the start or later on if wanted.

Like the rest of the Agrisys product range the system is controlled by the high-tech but still very simple Velos platform that can be accessed from anywhere with Internet.

The design of the sorter gives a complete visual and unimpeded access to the weighing area so control, calibrating and cleaning are easy. The sorter and the one-way gates are made in easy to clean and durable materials with a long life.

Flexible layout possibilities with optimal usage of the floor plan in new buildings but also really good options for existing buildings.
The versatile design with 2- or 3 way sorting can be fitted in everywhere.
When we design the best layout for your production, we also take the feed supply into consideration, no matter if it is means connecting to an existing installation or if you want the complete package.

Agrisys has a close collaboration with manufacturers, advisors and scientists to give you the best results