Pig Performance Testing (PPT)

Is your production based on the right gilts and the most efficient feed?
Guesses and gut feelings are things of the past. With our PPT you can simply and very accurately know for sure.

The Pig Performance Tester (PPT) gives you full insight in the performance of each animal. Tracking their electronic ear tags(EID) you’ll easily and precisely find the top performers in the herd.

The system is incredibly simple to use; tag the animals with the ear tags (EID), put them into the pen and track the results – the system handles the rest.
You decide if you want to operate the system through PC, smartphone or tablet. And the data can be shared with relavant parties, like customers, owners, veterinarians, breeders or feed supplier.

The automatic registration of data eliminates human errors when entering the data in the system and your employees can focus on the animals instead. The automated weighing also means less stress for both the animals and less time spent on weighing each animal for you.

Are you a breeder, having a multiplier herd or gilts, do you recruit or use nucleus management the PPT gives you the possibility to monitor the results clearly and with no complications.
With the PPT you can also follow up on the effect from different feed mixes, whether it is from your own mixing system or bught feed mixes.

Can you see the difference?
One of these gilts need 1.80 kg feed per kilo in daily gain and the other eats 2.85 kg feed per kilo in daily gain...

We do!! By the help of the Agrisys PPT.

Agrisys has a close collaboration with manufacturers, advisors and scientists to give you the best results