Freeda Walk-In ESF

Dish of the day — individually

Individual feeding of sows is good for the sow and for the feed economy.

With Freeda Walk-In, we offer a solution with full focus on individual feeding of sows during the gestation period, which also can be adapted to most existing housing systems, such as pens with floor feeding or boxes.

Freeda Walk-In is simple for both you and the sows and requires only a minimum of training.

The user interface provides full insight into the sows’ feeding behaviour and feed intake. The sow is fed individually according to feed curves and if a sow doesn’t eat the ration of the day, you will be alerted by the system.

In a solution with Freeda Walk-In boxes, the sow must have an electronic ear tag – a chip for individual recognition.
If Freeda Walk-In is combined with Freeda Farrowing Feeding, you can get a full insight into the sow’s feed history.

It is also possible to weigh the sows and ensure the right growth throughout the gestation period by adding Freeda Sow Weight.

Another option is heat registration, so you can detect the sows that have aborted and thereby avoid feed-waste days.

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