Terms and conditions of Agrisys A/S

The following terms and conditions are valid in case a written contract including exemptions between Agrisys A/S and buyer doesn’t exist.

Drawings and product information
Drawings, quotation text, illustrations, technical specifications and other product information etc. are indicative and not binding and Agrisys A/S cannot be held responsible for any errors or misinterpretations.

Quotations are valid for orders made at Agrisys A/S within a period of 30 days from the date of the quotation.

Orders made by verbal or written agreement are binding from the moment the agreement is made, regardless of whether an order confirmation has been sent already or not.

All prices are excluding VAT and are based on the, at the time of the quotation, known taxes, levies and duties and material prices. Reservations for changes in these are hereby made.

Conditions of payment
Net 4, 8 days or per agreement (see quotation or invoice)
Buyer is not entitled to deduct with potential counterclaims, that has not been acknowledged in clear writing by Agrisys A/S.
Overdue amounts will be interest calculated at 4% per month.
Agrisys A/S reserves the right to the sold items until absolute payment has been made.

Delivery conditions
Ex works.

Shipping materials
Pallets, pallet frames and packing materials are invoiced according to consumption (due to risk of
infection risks returning is not possible).

Delivery time
As agreed upon by customer and Agrisys A/S.
Agrisys A/S cannot be held responsible in case of delay.

Return of goods
It is only possible to return goods if it has been explicitly agreed on and in this case solely for standard goods returned in original packaging. The goods must be clean and not have been used or damaged in any way.
If return is agreed upon, refund will be at maximum 80% of the net price.

Other conditions
For deliveries without mounting all other conditions are regulated according to NL92 excluded point 11 (last sentence) and point 13 and 14.
For deliveries including mounting all other conditions are regulated according to NLM94 excluded point 45 (last sentence) and point 47 and 48.

Quotations/orders are based on your information, drawings etc. regarding measurements, dimensions and capabilities to our representative. From this information we have dimensioned the layout and installation as it is presented in our drawings and descriptions. It is at all times the responsibility of the customer to insure that all legal requirements are met.

The quotation/order is covered by NLM94 when Agrisys is mounting and NL92 if the delivery is without mounting. (These including limitation of liability can be obtained at Agrisys A/S by calling us at +45 7022 0711)

It is emphasized that Agrisys A/S cannot be responsible for errors in design, project planning, calculations etc. that occurs because of incorrect information given to us. And Agrisys A/S in not responsible for any loss in operation, of earnings or otherwise because of errors or stop on products or installations we have delivered/mounted.

If the delivery consists of several stages, it is expected that these are delivered and paid separately.
Payment terms for goods are calculated from the time of delivery.
Payment terms for mounting are calculated from the time the mounting is completed.

Agrisys has a close collaboration with manufacturers, advisors and scientists to give you the best results