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Now on LinkedIn29-09-2020 - 20:50

Some would say, finally…


Agrisys is finally on LinkedIn – it only took us....

... 11 years and 8 months and what a fantastic journey it has been so far.

And we still aim for the stars using the latest knowledge and cutting-edge technology.


We love working together with our customers and suppliers – so much that we have developed our own program using the knowledge and feedback we’ve collected over the years from our fantastic and professional customers.


So, we made a complete outstanding program for feeding; from the simple to the advanced and all with individual strong advantages.
We even set a new standard within animal welfare; we call this the AutoBedding system.
How to control all this, well…


Making movies and presentations about modern IoT controllers – we bet you’ve seen a few, dashing right?
But no one has really taken this step yet – to make it easy for you to use, giving you the benefits in overview and data that makes so much sense …
We didn’t make a film. We just made the platform instead and already 167 units have been out there working – some for more than a year.


Of course we have created the software platform so that it can be integrated with your favourite management system, optimize your results, manage your silo stock control, support your Bio-security, lower your costs and exchange data with our main partner through all of the11 years and 8 months – Nedap, and, and, and …  contact us if you are curious.
We make it work!


Stay tuned and follow us here on LinkedIn about new product launchings, customer stories and presentations of great project examples.


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