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3-STARS for AutoPig27-01-2021 - 19:37

Groundbreaking new innovation - this is the verdict for AutoPig

We are very proud for recognition from Agromek innovation jury of our long time comming AutoPig.


This is what the jury says in the pressrelease:


AutoPig from AgriSys is a three star New in Europe Product


AutoPig is a new monitoring system for piglet or porker units. With the right sensors, cameras and weighing cells, this system can provide almost all kinds of instant information on individual pigs.

AutoPig has been classified as a three star New in Europe Product in the Agromek Stars Special Edition 2021 and is presented by the Danish technology company, AgriSys.

The basic unit consists of a passage weight which is positioned in the individual sty. This automatically records the pig’s growth rate from day to day.

Additional sensors can be connected. For example: For the recording of water consumption, pig activity and for the reading of the pig’s surface temperature.

The system delivers the data to a dashboard. The farmer can thus study the pig’s actual performance. The data can be viewed from all units with access to internet.

Among other factors, the Agromek Evaluation Committee points out that simultaneous data from several sensors, e.g., growth rate and drinking rate, increases the validity of the data and thus simplifies reaction requirements. If, for example, the piglet or porker has a day with low growth rate and low drinking rate, then it is highly probable that something has to be optimized. Differentiation in the pig’s normal surface temperature is also an indication that a reaction is required-

The method can be used to establish a control sty in one or more sections and thus attain continuous evaluation if stock optimization is required. This avoids faults arising and the right reactions can increase the growth rate per feed unit. For example, it can also be used for solving challenges such as the correct application of medicinal zinc during the weaning stages or for the reduction of herd consumption of antibiotics.


See the movie and more on this page under Solutions and find choose for AutoPig

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