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Es tut uns sehr leid, dass es im Moment nicht möglich ist, unsere Beiträge in den sozialen Medien auf Deutsch zu posten.

Let's talk about Precision Feeding 29-01-2024 - 11:23

Precision feeding is one of the most important tools to keep your animals in top condition. ... Læs mere

Are you ready to get new, strong, and valuable inputs? 25-01-2024 - 15:12

Meet us at NutriFair January 17th-18th for a talk about your business. ... Læs mere

Happy New Year 2023 02-01-2024 - 10:30

... Læs mere

Merry Christmas 2023 02-01-2024 - 10:28

... Læs mere

Glimpses of 2023 02-01-2024 - 10:27

... Læs mere

A historical signature 07-12-2023 - 14:09

The future is more exciting than ever... ... Læs mere

Visit from Spain 27-11-2023 - 10:08

... Læs mere

Ok - We get it... 27-11-2023 - 10:03

We can't make your stable into a spa resort, but we can increase the welfare ... Læs mere

AutoPig® ID 16-11-2023 - 14:28

... adding the RFID function you’ll get more valuable data and insights. ... Læs mere

Save time, increase welfare and production results. 16-11-2023 - 14:26

The pigs are weighed several times a day, as they pass the sorting weight to gain access to the feeding areas. ... Læs mere

Greetings from Taiwan Live Expo 2023 16-11-2023 - 14:22

This week we are participating in the Taiwan Livestock Expo with our dealer POC Medical. ... Læs mere

Talk about a revolution 30-10-2023 - 10:19

no, talking about a solution. ... Læs mere

With a BatchSys feeding system 26-10-2023 - 13:46

a world of possibilities of smart and individual feeding solutions opens. ... Læs mere

Intelligent feeding for lactating sows made easy. 16-10-2023 - 13:09

Automated Farrowing Feeding with the Activator provides you... ... Læs mere

Nice visit 16-10-2023 - 13:06

The best partnerships are built on common ground, commitment, and enthusiasm... ... Læs mere

The key to success... 16-10-2023 - 13:04

That preparation is the key to success is well-known. And at Agrisys we are dedicated to this.   ... Læs mere

Did you know...? 16-10-2023 - 13:02

Securing access to the production isn't just for large farms. ... Læs mere

Reaching your targets…??? 16-10-2023 - 13:00

We have integrated knowledge into our systems, so you will not only get a system that will keep you on track, we’ll help you thinking out of the box. ... Læs mere

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