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Corona12-03-2020 - 21:02

We are in an extraordinary situation with COVID-19; the situation is very serious and at Agrisys we follow the Government and the National Board of Health's instructions to minimize the spread of infection.


But we keep the wheels going......

That is why we have taken the following steps in Agrisys:

  • Only scheduled and visits according to agreement at Agrisys.
  • Collection of parts is to be coordinated and will be placed outside.
  • We work as far as possible from home and staff in office and stock will be limited.
  • Employees are informed that direct contact is not respect - but it is respect not to shake hands (a new but difficult habit).
  • Keep a distance on min. 2 meter to colleagues, customers etc.

Remember and help each other with the rules that apply to being together etc.


Installation, service and sales visits continue as before, and we evaluate on a case-by-case basis in how we interact with those involved.


We will continuously assess when we will go back to daily operations again.


Hope everyone understands the situation and adheres to all safety precautions so we can get back to normal conditions quickly.


Phone services are open as usual.

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