AirSys Bedding

Supply of bedding material

Today it is not just a requirement with straw or rooting material; it is also something that most of us can see the sense of and benefits in. The only problem is finding the time to distribute it.

Most stable layouts are not made to handle the rooting material in the amount that is necessary and typically it hasn’t even been considered from the get go.
But with Agrisys Airsys Straw the distribution is automated in a very simple way, also in existing buildings.
And in new buildings the rooting distribution is always on the agenda and here Airsys Straw can even be combined with the feeding system Agrisys Airsys Feed and this makes everything even simpler.

See this little reportage from a 1300 sow farm in Denmark, where the AirSys Bedding system have been giving straw every day since 2016 in both gestation and weaner stables.
100% automated bedding straw system - good for animal welfare, efficiency and economy.

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