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Let's talk about AutoPig and SmartFarming 02-05-2023 - 13:47

Secure overview and benefit from the knowledge with Agrisys SmartFarming concept powered by our ConSys control platform. ... Læs mere

Getting closer... 02-05-2023 - 13:37

It’s time to meet again ... Læs mere

One system - different needs 02-05-2023 - 13:34

Precise designated feeding is good for the economy, the environment and animal welfare. ... Læs mere

EuroTier 2022 Meet the press... 02-05-2023 - 13:31

A small selection of pictures from yesterday where we were in Germany to meet the press before the EuroTier fair in November. ... Læs mere

Did you know...? 02-05-2023 - 13:29

It doesn’t matter which kind of protein production; feed is expensive and welfare is time-consuming. ... Læs mere

Let's talk about BioSecurity... 02-05-2023 - 13:25

Some problems are better left at the door. Even if you already have the highest standards to protect against viruses, it is necessary to remember the full circle.   ... Læs mere

Cross the finishing line with AutoPig Finisher 02-05-2023 - 13:23

and check the marks on economy, environment, welfare for both animals and employees, and time optimization. ... Læs mere

Shows and exhibitions Fall 2022 02-05-2023 - 13:10

It’s almost time to hit the road again. And we’re looking very much forward to show you what we’ve been up to. ... Læs mere

Want to save on the feed costs? 02-05-2023 - 13:06

If not now - then when..? When is the right time to optimise feed costs? ... Læs mere

Freedom within reach 02-05-2023 - 13:02

Keep your production connected with the ConSys. ... Læs mere

Another string to the bow... 02-05-2023 - 13:00

Reaching for the clouds – by choosing a classic and strong 2-stringed feeding system with mobile access to our ConSys control platform   ... Læs mere

Article in the Danish magazine GRIS July 2022 02-05-2023 - 12:58

Under the headline ‘AutoPig provides overview’ the article tells the story from a user and a farmer perspective based on their experience.   ... Læs mere

Have a great summer 2022 02-05-2023 - 12:56

Scandinavia in July is summertime with long bright nights and time for most people to have their summer holiday. ... Læs mere

In a World with increasing feed costs 02-05-2023 - 12:54

Usually there are arguments enough to feed correctly: Animal welfare, sustainability, and cost savings. ... Læs mere

Visit from Brazil 02-05-2023 - 12:52

Fantastic day in our showroom with Brazilian farmers and integrators - supported by a team from Cargill. ... Læs mere

We are proud... 02-05-2023 - 12:48

Solutions of tomorrow – by Denmark, and in this case Agrisys have been chosen as a representative of both sustainable and innovative technology. ... Læs mere

Visit from the US 02-05-2023 - 12:45

Great visit from US this week ... Læs mere

NutriFair 2022 02-05-2023 - 12:43

It’s not enough to dream about good results ... Læs mere

NutriFair 2022 02-05-2023 - 12:42

Looking how to optimize production and lower costs? ... Læs mere

Let's talk about AirSys 02-05-2023 - 12:38

Be prepared for the new zink-free feeding legislation. ... Læs mere

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