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What is your Carbon footprint 16-10-2023 - 12:58

There are several ways to achieve a reduction in the carbon footprint. ... Læs mere

Event info 16-10-2023 - 12:56

Taiwan Smart AgriWeek ... Læs mere

Summer 2023 10-08-2023 - 09:59

Bags are packed - summer and holiday times are here. ... Læs mere

The ultimate overview with no extra work 10-07-2023 - 12:03

With individual growth data from the AutoPig you can compare e.g., feed impact, gender, genetics, and growth. ... Læs mere

Mortality in the farrowing pen 03-07-2023 - 09:44

Piglet life foundation can be stimulated significantly. AutoDos Farrowing Feeding is not just intelligent feeding of the sow - it also decreases piglet mortality.   ... Læs mere

Everything is connected 27-06-2023 - 09:58

Choosing Agrisys ... Læs mere

AirSys All in 1 19-06-2023 - 14:33

Individual feed mixes and allocation of bedding doesn’t have to be difficult. ... Læs mere

There are several benefits in individual feeding of the sows. 12-06-2023 - 10:48

It keeps them in good health because their individual needs are met. It means less feed waste and minimizing feed costs.   ... Læs mere

Spring 2023 in a glimpse 05-06-2023 - 09:43

Closing Spring and entering Summer feeling grateful. ... Læs mere

Less feed waste, less work, and more overview. 30-05-2023 - 09:33

The optimal way to reduce feed, production cost, and increase efficiency. ... Læs mere

AutoDos Activator are demand-driven feeding 30-05-2023 - 09:30

which reduces labor and feed costs. ... Læs mere

Delivering finishers in the desired weight range can be both hard work and stressful for the animals. 16-05-2023 - 10:26

Weight sorting from Agrisys automatically sorts out the right animals for delivery, so you can achieve the best possible price without spending time and effort on manual weighing and moving the animals. ... Læs mere

Increasing the animal welfare doesn’t necessarily mean more work. 08-05-2023 - 14:35

With an AirSys Welfare system the allocation of bedding material is automated and it is even possible to distribute individually to each pen. ... Læs mere

Article in the Danish magazine GRIS April 2023 02-05-2023 - 14:47

There’s almost nothing we like more than a pleased customer telling a good story. ... Læs mere

Did you know...? 02-05-2023 - 14:45

That your results improve when you feed the gestating sows individually? ... Læs mere

Happy Easter 2023 02-05-2023 - 14:43

The Agrisys Team do wish you all a fantastic Easter time and hope we all get a little time off to re-charge together with family and friends. ... Læs mere

Greetings from Figan2023 02-05-2023 - 14:42

Half way through the Figan2023 expo in Zaragoza already and it’s been a blast so far. ... Læs mere

We won!!! 02-05-2023 - 14:41

What a way to start the Figan 2023 show in Zaragoza! We won the Mejora Técnica Award for our combined AutoPig® Finisher / MultiPhase solution. ... Læs mere

Let's talk about AutoPig® and FCR 02-05-2023 - 14:39

Focus & real-time-data provides proven better results. AutoPig® in combination with our feeding system automate optimal feed change.   ... Læs mere

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