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Happy New Year 202302-01-2024 - 10:30

In ‘21 our New Year post said: Be awesome, create value &
stay humble! Since then, we have done our best to live up to this, but after 2023 it is very hard to stay humble…
2023 has been an amazing year upscaling our owner circle and securing the future and taking over the Nedap Pig Division activities in strong collaboration with AgriHub Inc.
All of which we are grateful for and are looking very much forward to expand in the new year.
2024 will require many new resources, so that we can live up to the heritage from Nedap and still support our dealers and customers, new and old. And for that reason, we will welcome many new faces in our headquarters in Denmark and our subsidiaries in The Netherlands, Spain, and China.
But also upgrading our software development team to secure the future of specialized, front-level knowledge, integrated in our solutions.
We wish you all the absolute best in the New Year and we are looking forward to new and continued collaborations – let’s create value for each other’s businesses, for animal welfare and for the environment.
Happy New Year.

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